3 Lives

A mobile game made with Unity where you have to survive as long as possible with only 3 lives and incresing difficulty.


3 Lives

To be realised on the Google Play Store.


3 Lives is a casual landscape-oriented game where players face hordes of zombies, each wave introducing new types of undead adversaries. As time progresses, the challenge escalates, but beware – you have only three lives to spare. The game's dynamic difficulty curve keeps the pace fast, while leveling up empowers players for longer and more rewarding runs.

Control is simple, requiring a single touch for movement and another for shooting. This intuitive design enhances accessibility and player engagement.


To ensure a seamless gaming experience, several optimizations have been implemented:

  • Dynamic spawning of bullets and enemies with object pooling
  • Efficient use of small image files
  • Compression of audio files
  • Adjustable target FPS for optimal performance
  • Minimized use of "get component" functions
  • Strategic use of "comparetag" for efficient game logic
  • Integration of LeanTween for smooth animations
  • Cross-device compatibility to ensure the game runs smoothly on various devices.

Interface Design

The user interface is crafted for simplicity, featuring large buttons and a cohesive color scheme that complements the game's atmosphere. The polished interface includes animated elements created with the LeanTween package, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a visually appealing experience for players.