Time Angel

A fast paced FPS game made using unreal engine 4.


A fast paced FPS game made using unreal engine 4 as a part of a university project in 2022 by a team of 4 people.

Soon to be released on steam.

My primary role in the project was that of a gameplay programmer.


  • Single-player mode
  • Grapple hook mechanics
  • AI implementation using behavior trees
  • Robust weapon system
  • Wall running dynamics

Game Preview


Start Screen

Level 1

Game Mechanics

Grapple Hook

Engage in dynamic movement with the innovative grapple hook, adding an extra layer of strategy to navigation and combat.

AI Behavior Tree

Challenge yourself against intelligent adversaries utilizing a sophisticated behavior tree system for realistic and adaptive AI behavior.

Weapon System

Experience diverse combat scenarios with a well-crafted weapon system, ensuring engaging and responsive gameplay.

Wall Running

Master the art of wall running to traverse environments quickly and creatively, enhancing the overall fast-paced nature of the game.