Under The Stars

A 3D modelling project using Blender and unity to create a scene in a group of 2

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3D modelling project

A playable version to be released in a later date

Project Description

Scene Creation

The project began with the construction of a bridge-like structure, influencing the style and workflow for subsequent man-made objects. The modular approach, breaking down large structures into smaller components, facilitated versatility across the scene.


For the bridge, a detailed process involving rough object creation, retopology, and high-poly modeling was employed. Substance was used for baking high-detail textures, and a unique hand-painted anime style was chosen as the project's visual aesthetic.


Sky and Lighting

The sky was crafted based on the anime "Your Name" for its nighttime scenes, featuring a vast expanse of stars. The resulting HDRI was imported into Unity to create the skybox, aligning with the anime-inspired visual style.


Color Scheme

Cool colors dominated the scene to evoke a cold, tranquil night. Analogous color schemes were employed to enhance the calming ambiance, while crystals featured a rare combination of green and purple to convey both magical and natural elements.

Tree Creation

The "Sapling Tree Generator" Blender add-on facilitated custom tree creation as curves, later converted into meshes. Leaves were modeled as a particle system, and a custom shader, created using Unity's Shader Graph with the Universal Render Pipeline, added an animated effect to the leaves.

Tree treeGraph

Terrain and Storytelling

Placing all models on the terrain required meticulous planning to convey a narrative without text, relying solely on visual storytelling.


Crystal models were designed to appear animated through a custom shader, enhancing their magical and rare qualities.

Crystal CrystalGraph